Any MobiDram account can be easily refilled via MobiDram Payment Terminals*.

To refill MobiDram account just enter the MobiDram account number or one of Account IDs (mobile number or e-mail), enter the corresponding amount and the account will be refilled within seconds. Corresponding SMS or Email notification will inform the account owner about the successful refill. 

MobiDram accounts can be also refilled via TelCell** payment terminals located on the territory of Armenia.
Simply select MobiDram in the menu of the payment machine and follow the instructions. 
Additional information about payment terminals network you can find below:
Amount range (AMD) logo
       < 1000                   0 %   30 AMD
    1001 - 4999                   0 % 2 %
       >= 5000                   0 % 1 %

* Minimum refill amount is AMD 100. Maximum refill amount is AMD 400,000 for Premium clients, and AMD 200,000 for Standard Clients. 

** Minimum refill amount is AMD 100 and maximum refill amount is AMD 60,000.