Microloans from SEF International

MobiDram Premium Clients can request a microloan* from SEF International in amount of AMD 5,000, AMD 25,000** and AMD 50,000**, at any time, on 24/7 basis.  

In case of loan approval the loan amount is added to the corresponding MobiDram account. The loan is provided for a period of one year. No interest rate is applied. The service is provided for a daily fee which is deducted from the MobiDram account on daily basis***.

Loan Type Daily Fee (AMD)       Max. Service Fee per Month (AMD)   
   Loan 5,000                   50   500
   Loan 25,000                  200 2,000
   Loan 50,000                  350 3,500


How to Request a Microloan


Microloan can be requested both via personal cabinet and MobiDram mobile application.

Please login to your personal profile, go to Microloans / Loans section,  select the loan amount you would like to obtain and press Request button. Your request will be sent to SEF International for evaluation.

Premium Clients eligible for AMD 5,000 loan only will be asked to confirm SEF International Terms&Conditions via SMS code sent to the mobile number.

Within a few minutes you will be informed whether your loan request has been approved or rejected**** via SMS, Email and MobiDram internal messaging. By positive answer you would need to check the data filled in your personal form and to confirm loan acceptance with your PIN. As soon as confirmed the loan amount is added to MobiDram balance.


How to Repay a Microloan


Please make sure you have enough balance on your account both for loan amount and loan service fee debt repayment. Go to Microloans / Loans section, press Repay button and confirm with your PIN.
It is also possible to perform a partial loan repayment, whereas the daily fee debt will be covered first. By partial loan repayment the daily fee calculations remains unchanged.


*Microloan is provided by SEF International.

**AMD 5,000 loan is available to all Premium Clients. For AMD 25,000 loan and AMD 50,000 loan it is necessary to make a one time visit to one of MobiDram branches and  sign SEF International Terms&Conditions.

*** In case of not enough balance on MobiDram account to deduct the daily fee, the amounts are cumulated to loan service fee debt which must be repaid together with the loan amount.  

**** For more details on loan rejection, please, contact SEF International at (010) 202822 phone number.