Cash Withdraw

You have refilled or received a certain amount of e-money on your MobiDram account and now need it out for yourself or a close one. No problem, you can simply withdraw the required amount of money from your MobiDram account. Just simply follow the below steps:

  • Send the withdraw request
  • Get your Secret Code
  • Present it together with your personal ID at one of our service points

You can also withdraw money for a close one living in another region of Armenia or just for someone you want to pass a certain amount and have no time to meet personally. The recipient can collect the cash in the nearest service point. 
The cash can be received at MobiDram, and Converse Bank branches.
Upon the completing the cash out transaction, you will receive an SMS confirmation. 

Withdraw request can be sent via mobile phone or personal web profile. 

MobiDram commission for withdraw service is 0.5%.
Maximum amount of cash out within one month is AMD 2,000,000.

Withdraw request can be sent via mobile phone and personal web profile.

Via Mobile application