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MobiDram Wallet

How can I register to MobiDram via my mobile phone?
How can I register to MobiDram online?
I am not a VivaCell-MTS subscriber. Can I benefit from MobiDram services?

I have forgotten my PIN. What to do?
I want to change my PIN. How can I do that?
I have forgotten both PIN and password. What can I do?
What is account number?
What is Account ID?
What is PIN code?
What is secret code?
What is account verification?
How can I upgrade to Premium Client?
How to change the password of the personal page?
How to refill MobiDram account?
How to make transfer from one MobiDram account to another?
How to make a bank transfer?
What is the timeline for bank and budgetary transfers?
How to pay online?
Is it possible to see the transaction history?
Is it possible to change the identifiers of the account?
How can I pay for parking service via mobile wallet?
What can I do if I made a wrong payment from my MobiDram account?