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Become MobiDram client right from your phone

Jun 19, 2013

VivaCell-MTS subscribers can now easily become MobiDram “Standard” clients within couple of minutes. The subscriber needs to dial *444# on his phone, to choose the “Register” menu and to follow the prompts appearing on the screen.

When registering, you will need to share your first and last names, as well as your birth date (the date should be entered in dd/mm/yyyy format; e.g. if you are born on 30 of June 1979, the entered date should be 30061979). Besides, the client will have to define a secret code, which should contain 6 to 12 symbols. The secret code is necessary for resetting your PIN via MobiDram call center or the branches, in case of loss or being forgotten.

Upon registration the client will get an account number (which, along with your mobile number will be your MobiDram account identifier) and a PIN code. The PIN is required for performing financial transactions.

The clients registered via the USSD menu have an opportunity to use the temporary password received in the “Settings” section of the menu to access their account online.

MobiDram payment system is a mobile and online financial solution on the Armenian market that gives opportunity to make easy and fast money transactions via your mobile phone and online.