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No commission fee for transfers. MobiDram cooperates with Skrill payment system

Mar 30, 2016

MobiDram, a subsidiary of VivaCell-MTS, continues presenting beneficial solutions for its customers. As a result of cooperation with “Skrill” payment system customers of MobiDram have exclusive opportunity to perform money transfers with no commission fee till July 31, 2016. Only currency conversion payment is charged.

By offering new tools to its customers MobiDram aims to contribute to the improvement of service level and reduce time waste.

Customers of world known payment system “Skrill” licensed to realize activity in the territory of the European Union can perform safe and easy money transfers from 200 countries of the world.

To transfer money to MobiDram account all you need is the name and mobile number of the recipient. The parties will be immediately notified about the transferred amount via SMS. By the way, the recipient will have to register in the system of MobiDram in case he/she is not a client yet. The transferred money may be received at any branch of MobiDram located in VivaCell-MTS service centers.

The number of services offered by MobiDram is continuously increasing. 

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