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Instant Microloans

Nov 02, 2016

You need urgently to refill your MobiDram account and has no possibility to do that? Or you need some cash amount and have no idea where to get it? We are happy to inform that we have THE solution. 

MobiDram Premium Clients can request a microloan in amount of AMD 5.000, AMD 25.000 and AMD 50.000, at any time, on 24/7 basis.  

Entering the Current Loans subsection within Microloans section in MobiDram mobile application or Loans section on personal web profile, the customer can choose the preferred sum of the loan, get acquainted with the SEF UCO Terms & Conditions, press the Request

button and wait for a few minutes to receive the notification on the approval of the microloan via SMS or e-mail, and/or on the personal MobiDram page. 

After the approval of the application, the customer must check the data filled in his/her personal form and confirm the data to receive the loan.


The decision on approving or rejecting the loan application is made by SEF UCO.  


The microloan transferred to the electronic account of the MobiDram Premium Client can be cashed out in one of the 24 branches of MobiDram, and/or used for utility, budget payments, online shopping, payments of fines, payment of parking fees, etc.

The maximum period of the loan is one year. After paying off the loan, the customer can submit a new loan application.


More details you can find here.