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May 29, 2019

We are happy to inform that MobiDram Clients* via MobiDram wallet can apply for (minimal payable consumer loan of Goodcredit UCO CJSC) to get a fast loan** of amount AMD 10,000-300,000 at any time of the day. New clinets of will only return taken money in case of repaying the loan within 30 days.

How to apply for a loan?

You can apply to*** credit via MobiDram mobile application or MobiDram web. Simply log in into your wallet via MobiDram web or Mobile application, select “Account Refill” or “Loans” section, select, then push the “Apply” button. 

Your credit request will be processed in seconds by “Goodcredit” UCO.

You will receive the amount directly to your MobiDram wallet if the loan will approved.

* Only that Premium customers may apply for a loan from, who are resident of RA and who which have been identified submitting ID card or passport and social card number. If any of these data is not available in the MobiDram system, then pressing the “Apply” button, the client receives a corresponding message, which suggests to complete the identification process, visiting any MobiDram branch with ID card or passport and social card or by using the "Identification on the spot" free service, completing the relevant application via mobile application or web page. Selecting "Identification on the spot" free service, our employees will contact to the costumer within one business day, will arrange to meet in a convenient place for the costumer and will complete the identification process.

To receive loan from MobiDram Premium clinets must have attached phone number and e-mail address on their mobile wallet.

** The loan is provided by Goodcredit UCO

*** You can find conditions and interest rates of on the Goodcredit UCO's
website or call 098 900100 at 09:00-21:00 from Monday to Friday