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Online Registration

Register as a MobiDram Client via your e-mail or mobile number via

  • Please fill in the required fields and press Continue button
    • When registering via web using a mobile number, you will receive an SMS code. Insert it in the corresponding field you will see on the screen and press Continue button.
    • When registering via web using an Email, a verification Email will be sent to your mailbox. Please, follow the link included in the message.
  • Enter your personal information and define a secret code. Keep your secret code in mind. You will need it for diverse inquiries while calling our customer service. The personal information must be entered correctly to perform your upgrade to a Premium Client later on. Confirm your entry with Continue button.
  • Your PIN will be displayed to you. Please keep it in mind and don’t share with anyone. You will need your PIN for confirming financial transactions. Upon pressing Finish button you will be moved to your personal profile.
  • A unique 12-digit Client ID is generated for your MobiDram account. The Client ID, as well as your mobile number (Mobile ID) or Email (Email ID) you used for the registration can be used as login to your personal profile.

Upon successful registration you will be registered as a MobiDram Client, thus enabling unlimited access to the full range of services provided by MobiDram.