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Registration via Mobile Phone

For Smartphone Users

Simply download MobiDram mobile application and become a part of MobiDram network.



For All Phone Models

All VivaCell-MTS subscribers can become MobiDram Standard Clients easily within a couple of minutes. 

  • Just dial 0_asterix0_40_40_40_hash0_on and select  menu point. 
  • Upon successful registration as a Standard Client you will be provided with a 12-digit Client ID and a Secret Code. Please keep your Secret Code in mind. You will need it for diverse inquires while calling out customer service. Select 
  • Select  menu point. A 4-digit PIN will be generated. Keep it in mind and don’t share with anyone. You will need your PIN for confirming financial transactions.

Registration is completed. Now you can enjoy using the MobiDram financial services.
To gain access to your personal profile at, please, dial 0_asterix0_40_40_40_hash0_on, select  and enter your PIN. The temporary password will be sent to you via SMS. The 12-digit Client ID, as well as your mobile number (Mobile ID) you used for the registration can be used as login to your personal web profile. Please change your temporary password upon first login to your personal profile.